Worldly perception Vs. God's perception




You may have times where you feel broken. Heartaches and heartbreaks might make you feel as though you’d die at any given moment.
But, you are STILL WHOLE.

You may feel like you are alone in this world at times. Scared. Anxiety no one even told you anything about, or how you are OK, but not really.

Everything may fall apart, sometimes all at once. You lose your job, your house, your friends. Your perspective on life.

But my beloved, YOU are STILL WHOLE.

This is what being ALIVE can feel like. Our sweet emotions that come to show us our TRUE AWARENESS. You don’t EVOLVE through life without TRANSFORMATION. And in order to be transformed, one must be OPEN and HONEST with their emotions.

Your ABILITY to be aware and control your emotions, determine how you will perceive and approach your next choice.

Your EVOLUTION IS IN YOUR CONTROL. You don’t NEED ANYTHING externally, that will naturally make it’s way to you.

What we must master in order to gain attainment to our destiny, is control of our EMOTIONS.

Our energy evolves. The frequency is determined upon your perception and awareness of your emotions. Do not allow them to become bitter or harsh. That will only leave you stagnant. With little or no evolution. Or you may even create a very distorted and self absorbed one view of yourself. Which will leave you feeling broken, less than, unworthy and INCOMPLETE. All in which have nothing to do with wholeness.

You will always be in search of yourself, if you do not accept and be fully aware of yourself. Your ENTIRE LIFE IS A BLESSING. EVERY BREATHE FROM BIRTH TO DEATH, IS A GIFT.

Not a portion, day, month or year. Learning to accept and love YOUR own life UNCONDITIONALLY, and mastering your OWN emotions, is the key to the feeling and being of WHOLENESS. It is the very essence of living and loving the very life God has BLESSED YOU WITH, WHOLLY. Good and bad.

Wholeness is not determined by your life or the cards your dealt, WHOLENESS is determined by how YOU DEAL with the cards you’ve been dealt.

You are WHOLE no matter how life may feel. If you can master yourself, you master the world.

God is in you, YOU ARE WHOLE.

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