Worldly perception Vs. God's perception

Daily Affirmations

What you tell yourself matters.

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Here are a few daily affirmations I read to keep my perspective in the right light.

  • Never let anyone take your kindness for weakness
  • Never disrespect yourself or others
  • Never allow anyone to use you
  • Never doubt yourself/intuition/instincts
  • Never stop smiling & laughing
  • Always show gratitude
  • Always count your blessings
  • Never be controlled by emotions
  • Always believe in your dreams
  • Trust in God not man
  • Believe actions over words
  • Always give thanks to the MOST HIGH
  • Listen and obey the Holy Spirit
  • My life belongs to God
  • Never give up
  • Know and UNDERSTAND your worth
  • Always depend on God
  • My relationship with God is priority
  • Forgive others
  • I can and I will

    Remember, we reap what we sow. Sowing good thoughts and ridding yourself of all negative and bad energy, enables you to receive the goodness the lord has blessed each and every one of his children with. When we stay in a bad mood or allow the devil to ruin our day, trust me he has no problem doing just that. While also planning on his next move to see how far he can take you. Ultimately trying to completely destroy you. But, if he can ruin your day with simply putting you in a bad mood, he will settle with that. Your job is to resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Don’t give satan any POWER or CONTROL over your life.
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